About us


Our company can offer you a best selection of the playground structures, playgrounds, street furniture, trampolines and summerhouses. We manufacture our products using only the high quality materials, the guarantee of the structural durability, strength and most important – the safety of the structures.

We are engaged in a production of playgrounds, sports and gym components, street furniture, everything that brings into our lives comfort, convenience and health. Our intention is to direct the efforts towards transforming every street, every corner of big cities and small villages into a domestic and safe piece of environment.

We have a very wide range of our production – playgrounds (the kids playground complexes, items of baby equipment, swings, carousels, seesaws, sandboxes, kids houses and others), street furniture (garden components, benches, seats, litter bins), sportground and playground components (sportground components, playgrounds, sport structures), summerhouses for kindergarten and any sheds, soft play modules, soft play blocks, and Swedish wall bars.

You can also receive a consultation about all the questions, which may interest you, at our office.