Soft Play Ball Pool KIDIGO™ Rectangle 1,2х1,5 м

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Soft play ball pool KIDIGO™ Rectangle 1,5х1,2 m will help you to create excellent playing conditions. You can use play equipment manufactured by our company, as equipment for game centers, kindergartens, and your house. The materials used to create the soft play ball pools are characterized by high durability. Therefore, this game equipment is able to serve long enough, remaining the same appearance as at the time of purchase.

PVC fabric used as an outer coating of pools is environmentally friendly and suitable for children of any age. Its bright colors will surely attract their attention. Using foam in the design of soft play ball pools, with which the soft side are made, help us to make a play equipment non-traumatic. Therefore, it can safely be played by children of all ages and give them a lot of fun.

Standard sizes of soft play ball pool KIDIGO™ Rectangle are 2х1,5х0,5 m and 1,5х1,2х0,4 m. As our company is a manufacturer of modern play equipment, we can easily make it of the size that you need, if standard model does not fit due to any reasons. Surface PVC fabric is characterized by resistance to various external influences and contamination. Care is simple and does not require to special skills or special effort. You can maintain the pool clean with a wet cloth or using a non-abrasive detergent. To create game conditions choose high quality equipment, which will be interesting and funny for children.

Required number of balls (pcs) 600
Dimensions in assembled form (m) 1,5*1,2*0,4
Packing dimensions (m) 1,5*0,41*0,44
Volume (m3) 0,27
Weight, (kg) 10
Manufacturer country Ukraine



– Foam (polyurethane foam) is using as the main filler. Highly elastic, increased stiffness, density 22kg / m3. Suitable for use in the furniture, clothing and medical industries, satisfy all medical safety criteria.

– PVC fabric is using for sewing covers (casings). Has a density of 630 g / m2, soft, elastic and wear-resistant. Has a bright and rich color. Excellent cleaning with a wet cloth and household detergents. Do not wet the cover.

Velcro – textile fleecy, it is using for fastening various parts together, has a guaranteed number of connection-disconnect cycles – 1500.

– High-strength threads, 100% polyester (scope of use – sewing furniture, shoes, leather goods, high-strength technical seams)

– Lightning and fasteners are using for convenience stuffing products with filler.

All materials have hygienic certificates.


Soft modules are recommend for use in dry ventilated areas. Outdoor us is not desirable and is permissible only in dry weather. It is forbidden to wet the product and leave it wet after cleaning, as this will significantly reduce product life.


To remove dirt, you can use ordinary household detergents. After cleaning, wipe the product with a dry cloth.

It is forbidden to use cleaning products containing chlorine or strong chemicals and solvents.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 150 x 40 x 40 cm
The size of the pool

150х120х40 cm

Number of balls


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